How We Got Started

I have always enjoyed making 'stuff', also finding old hats and decorating them.   Many years ago I came to Telluride, Colorado and met a cantankorous group of gals and hooked up with them, the rest is herstory!  

When a birthday would come around, we would get a hat from the thrift shop or Telluride Free Box (more on that later) and would 'tart it up'....that is to say decorate and gawdy it up as much as possible, the Birthday Girl was required to wear it and attend as many bars as possible on main street.  

So the tradition carried on many years and then I realized how many people loved those hats!  As the festivals in Telluride grew from small to epic, I knew the idea of festive headwear was ready to launch,  and so I did. 
At first, I was perched in the outside corner of the famous JULY 5 booth, my friend Monique Toulouse ( a festival pro and awesome clothing designer and seamstress) helped me get started.  Thanks to her I began to "get" what it meant to be a festival vendor, You Rock Monique!   Also, what a fun scene it was to be a vendor at a great festival, good times along the way and now I have my own booth and new Website, welcome to you all and thanks for visiting!